• Alternative Investments

  • Choosing the right investments is critical to your success.

    Our Clients Get More and Keep More 

    Clients of Risk Free Retirement Planners did not lose a dime during the greatest economic downturn in United States History since the great depression.

    What is the ideal investment? Dennis asks this question at every seminar and workshop he delivers. Invariably the answer is always the same. The ideal investment would be one that matches at least four out of five of these criteria:

    • It is SAFE from loss
    • It is LIQUID
    • It delivers GOOD RETURNS
    • It is TAX-FREE
    • It requires NO MAINTENANCE at all

    If you are like most after you read that you just said to yourself with a laugh, "doesn't exist." Well, it is not too good to be true, and everything we do is what all our clients call an ideal stock market alternative investment.

    Ready to get started?

  • Are you ready to learn about the stock market alternative investments that we specialize in at Risk Free Retirement Planners? We hope so and if you are we want you to know what it is going to be like working with us.

    Our first goal is to give you an opportunity to get to know us a bit. We will have you in our office for a discussion about your current situation and your long-term goals. We will get into your finances just enough to determine whether or not there is a good fit for you to take advantage of our approach. After this first meeting, you will have an opportunity to go home and consider everything we covered. If what we discuss together makes sense we will get back together for a more detailed working session to map out your better financial plan. 

    That is it, pretty simple.

  • Q&A

    Just What Are Alternative Investments?
    Investments Like private equity and hedge funds can sound esoteric and as if they’re the excusive
    province of billionaires. But they’re understandable by and within reach of accredited and qualified
    investors! According to Dennis Drake president of Risk Free Retirement Planners, alternative
    investments can help diversify a traditional portfolio and provide the potential for improved risk adjusted

    What are these investments exactly?
    In simplest terms, they are investments other than stocks, bonds and commodities. They include
    things like private equity, private debt, cash settlements, life settlements, land leases, real estate notes
    and other investments not associated with traditional markets.

    What kind of returns should I expect?
    Returns normally range from 5%-12% depending on the investment.

    How long are these investments?
    The investments can be as short as 9 months! Most are 1 yr., Some are longer.

    What is the minimum investment amount?
    Some as low as $25,000.00

    Can I use qualified money? (IRA, 401K, 403B, etc.)
    Yes, we work with numerous self-directed IRA custodians and specialize in IRA’s.

    Can I get an interest check on a monthly basis?
    Yes! Many of our clients love this model as they can create a cash flow without touching their
    principal. (Example: $300,000 investment - 12% interest = $3000.00 a month in income!)

    Are these investments FDIC insured?
    No. They are not FDIC insured, there is no bank guarantee and you may lose value. Like any
    investment there are risks and are only suitable for investors who have the financial sophistication to
    evaluate the merits and risk levels of these investments.

    How do I get more information on Alternative Investments?
    Just give us a call at 302-472-4897.